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Boot Camp is about four things: TEAMWORK, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE and SWEAT. Boot Camp is the ultimate workout with faster results than any other program out there. Whether you're looking for a healthier lifestyle, or trying to rev up your existing training or just jar yourself off a weight loss plateau, you can plan on results. It is a closely monitored, safe approach to moving ahead to the next level of fitness you have the potential to achieve. Each session will include challenging and creative training methods for incorporating cardiovascular endurance, weight training and flexibility, with a few fun surprises along the way. Boot Camp can best be described as "adults playing hard." Boot Camp, held twice a year (in late September and late April), is conducted at Sooner Park in Bartlesville.

Encourage your friends to attend! For some missions it will be necessary to divide the troop into smaller platoons to accommodate everyone's comfort zone. At the beginning of these sessions, participants will be grouped according to the intensity at which they wish to approach the day's mission: walk, walk/run, or mostly run. If you are worried about keeping up, don't. Just decide what level most matches your abilities and you'll be teamed up accordingly, because our motto is "leave no man (or woman) behind". See which platoon you fall into:

Basic Training: These soldiers are just beginning, or are suffering from injuries, or just desire a less aggressive Boot Camp. You will enjoy a moderately paced workout in the great outdoors, comparable to a workout in the Right F.I.T. gym, only with a unique twist. It's 1.25 hours of non-stop training at a less vigorous pace than described below. Recruits need to be able to walk a mile without stopping, perform 20 sit-ups or 30 crunches in one minute, complete 10 incline push-ups and sustain 20 minutes of strength training. P.E in the Park is a good option for soldiers at this rank.

Advanced Training: This platoon is designed for people that are generally fit and strong. You don't need to be a runner or the "Incredible Hulk" to sign up for this level, but you do need to be able to walk briskly, perform one minute of consecutive sit-ups, and sustain a minimum of 30 minutes of strength training (lunges, squats, push-ups).

Special Forces Training: This training group is for recruits looking for additional training. Anyone selecting this group should be able to perform 80 sit-ups in under 2 minutes, walk/run one mile with at least 50% of that time running, be able to perform 25 consecutive push-ups (men's or modified), and have the ability to sustain 30-40 minutes of aggressive strength training.

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